Most people that I see in my practice are faced with obstacles that are causing personal distress.  These obstacles when not understood and dealt with, can create symptoms of anxiety, depression and a  loss of satisfaction in personal, professional, and intimate relationships.  They can also interfere with the full expression of a person's uniques abilities and the fulfillment of his or her goals.

The experience of the therapist is a very important element contributing to successful psychotherapy.  I have been practicing as a clinical psychologist in the Dupont Circle community for the past 30 years and have been teaching and supervising other psychotherapists for over 25 years.  I have worked extensively with individuals, couples, and groups.  I served as the Executive Director of the Washington School of Psychiatry and was voted a Top Therapist in Washingtonian Magazine.

I believe that people can reach their full potential within a safe, empathic, and confidential therapeutic relationship.  My dynamic approach incorporates an integration of successful therapeutic principles.  I work collaboratively with each person utilizing his or her unique abilities, while focusing on the dilemmas that each person is facing.  I encourage personal empowerment and the exercise of individual freedom.